Wedding Wednesday

All of my friends and family reading this already know, but to those that don’t, I’m getting married!
We’ve been engaged for quite a while now (like a year and a half), but are finally getting around to actually putting together a wedding.
Which, if you didn’t know, is kind of exhausting.
There are just so many things to do and stuff to look at and places to be and cakes to taste. Not that we’ve gotten anywhere near the cake part, but when we do, there will be all the cake tasting taking place. Or cake bakings…I still haven’t decided.
But I figured since my home time is basically split between this blog and wedding planning, I should just combine the two. Enter: Wedding Wednesdays.


Josh and I right after he proposed

This will be the day that I share stories, tips (if I ever learn any), ask for advice, or maybe just vent for awhile. You know, depending on the week.
The wedding planning is still in the early stages, we’ve booked a venue. Buuuuuut, that’s about it. I’m in the process of trying to find a photographer and get engagement photos and then I’ll move on from there. We’re not having a super fancy wedding or anything; just a casual, outdoor, good time with friends and family.
So here is where I plead to you, help me! Ok, maybe I don’t plead, but I ask very nicely….
With cherries on top.
Do you have tips? Advice? Photographer suggestions? Any sort of wisdom you wish to impart on me to make my life easier? Let’s hear it!

I’ll love you forever. I might even bake you cookies. Maybe.

Sarah Mae